CEMS-Global appoints GoSourcing365 as Online Promotion Partner for it’s Exhibitors

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CEMS-Global has gone into a trial 1-year MOU with a US-based Online Networking & Sourcing Platform – GoSourcing365.

All participating companies in CEMS-Global’s Apparel Sourcing, Yarn & Fabric Sourcing and Dyestuff & Chemical Sourcing shows in Brazil, Bangladesh, Morocco and Sri Lanka will get a 1-year Bronze subscription on GoSourcing365.

CEMS-Global firmly believe this will greatly assist all companies to keep their worldwide Online Sales and Promotions presence even after the shows in each country are done with.

GoSourcing365 presented the proposal to CEMS-Global as a Global Online Networking and Sourcing Platform exclusively for the Textile and Apparel Sourcing sector and this is the only reason CEMS-Global proceeded with them. There are several other Sourcing platforms worldwide but cater to a variety of products & services on their sites or not International and also not exclusive to the Textiles Sourcing sector.